Richard-Schütze-Wettfahrt 2024

Dear Gas Balloonists, dear Club!

This year we are again inviting you to the Richard-Schütze-Wettfahrt. We would like all participants to have the opportunity for a longer flight again. However, we do not want to tempt anyone with a scoring landing, for example, to land in unfavourable conditions. Therefore, the scoring will be done with the help of the GPS data recording and the scoring for the race can also be finished in the air and the ride can be continued afterwards as the pilot pleases. If the flight starts on Saturday evening as planned, we will set the task in such a way that it is possible to land before the start of the thermal on the other day, but not necessary.

With the participation in the race, as well as with individual starts from Bitterfeld, there is the possibility of the possibility of receiving a medal from the „Bitterfeld Chain“ as an award. And of course, the flight can also be scored for the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Jungius-Cup for gas balloons if desired.

Below is some information on the planned schedule:


27.04.2024 Saturday
from 1200 h Arrival, check-in - free balloon launch site club house
1500 hrsBriefing - free balloon launch site Vereinshaus
1530 hrs Laying out the balloons, then filling the balloons
1830 hrs Refilling and releasing the balloons
1930 hrs Final briefing, last information (pilot and co-pilot)
2000 hrs Launch of the balloons
28.04.2024 Sunday
Landing of the balloons within the given time limit.
Landing report and return journey of the participants to their homes.
Alternative date: Launch on Sunday, 28.04.2024


Type of race: Long distance race limited in time and/or space
Permitted balloons: up to max. 1050m³ - all types - hydrogen permitted
Number of participants: max. 5-8 gas balloons
Entry fee: 175,- €
Rigging crew: the pilot himself is responsible for rigging his balloon.
Ballast bags: a sufficient number must be brought along (15 kg / 10 m³ H² )
Registration: by 5 April 2024
The pilot must be in possession of a night flight licence
Confirmation of registration Shall be made by the BiVfL after the receipt

We are looking forward to a friendly balloonists meeting in Bitterfeld and hope that it will go well.

Stefan Buchmann
Chairman BiVfL e.V.

Registration form

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